About Vaal Morosova


At a very early age, she took up a leadership position and raised an abandoned, peripheral project in Russia with debts in 4 months. Where she recruited a solid work team, trained the administration, figured out and fired the thieves. Thus, providing a strategy for success. It was a dental clinic with 8 seats and a team of 30 people. Valeriiya was not familiar with the project in advance and had to navigate on the spot.

This is how her expertise in crisis management began.

After that, she took the position of general director at an elite clinic in Moscow.

Within 3 years, Vaal wrote an algorithm for checking the quality of work for the entire network of clinics (with a partner) and opened a staff training and testing department. In the network, things began to go up. But dentistry was not for her.

She decided that Russia was not for her either and moved to London, where she started producing music and working in PR. She worked with a start-up band in 2011. In a year, they recorded an EP, released a vinyl, sold on iTunes, played at London music festivals. Gig tickets were fully sold out.

Subsequently she was offered to take "Notion" magazine and the "Boy London" clothing brand to Moscow.

But in 2012 she took maternity leave on the mini island of Ibiza, where Vaal dedicated the next 5 years to raising her daughter, who has a wonderful talent for acting, speaks 4 languages, rides horses, dances and just loves math! Mom's pride.

On the island, she immersed herself in the study of meditative practices that explored the subconscious.

In 2014, she flew to Arizona, to the spiritual guru Drunvalo Melchizedek. Where Vaal studied to be a teacher of meditation according to the system "Living in the Heart." It turned her world upside down. And until 2017, she taught this method to groups in Spain's Ibiza and Marbella.

But in 2017 Vaal realized that she does not want to position herself in the wellness niche. She was then presented with  the possibilities of merging spiritual skills with business activities.


"Just imagine making entrepreneurial decisions through the prism of absolute love for your work and for the world in general!"

It was this discovery that prompted Vaal to open Quantum Agency. Where intuition and strategic thinking merge into one, and on this basis, brands and services are created, that are relevant and useful for the modern world.

For the last 3 years she has released, created and produced: cultural and music festivals, children's books with an emphasis on eco activism, online courses on healthy eating, courses and workshops on healing the female essence, often writing business presentations for Start up projects.

During the covid lockdown in Ibiza, Vaal created a psychological support group where every week theres was a FB Live schedule from various local certified professionals who helped our residents cope with collective neurosis.

“Nothing makes me more excited than seeing the brilliance of an individual’s soul showcase itself through their business. This is true impact.”

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Natalia Faeh,

International Ladies Alliance

Very profound work that Valeria created that will help you to get clear vision of your brand and product. She will walk you through easy steps how to create best content that is everything for your brand. Good content is a key to a success of your business! Highly recommend!


Angela Walker,

Nutritionist & Author

QA helped me develop my online course Food for Thought. Val added real value to the concept planning stage and beautifully executed the design of the course. I love her infectious energy. Thank you!

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OLga Popova,

CEO Bazaar Estate

In this difficult situation Quantum Agency helped me to understand and plan the strategy and tactics of our company behavior, gave impetus to new ideas and prospects. Thank you.