Vaal was raised in Russia, became an expat in the UK at 10 years old, finished her GSCEs in Salisbury, A - levels in Oxford and Business Studies in Regents University, London.

Interned in family business in Moscow, understanding the mechanics behind a Private Dental Surgery Monopoly through all departments and developed periphery locations.

Upon her return to London Vaal became a mother to a baby girl and soon after relocated to Ibiza.


Vaal travelled to Sedona USA and studied with Drunvalo Melchiezedeck to later

run "Living in the Heart" group workshops

in Ibiza. 

And later created Quantum Agency. A hub for brand start ups in conscious entrepreneurship.

"It is exciting to see the brilliance of an individual’s soul showcase itself through their brand. That, is authenticity."




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Natalia Faeh,

International Ladies Alliance

Very profound work that Valeria created that will help you to get clear vision of your brand and product. She will walk you through easy steps how to create best content that is everything for your brand. Good content is a key to a success of your business! Highly recommend!


Angela Walker,

Nutritionist & Author

QA helped me develop my online course Food for Thought. Val added real value to the concept planning stage and beautifully executed the design of the course. I love her infectious energy. Thank you!

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OLga Popova,

CEO Bazaar Estate

In this difficult situation Quantum Agency helped me to understand and plan the strategy and tactics of our company behavior, gave impetus to new ideas and prospects. Thank you.