Image by Jess Bailey



with Valeriiya Morosova

# 1

In this session we will meet to discover the direction of your dreams and your potential.
We will take 30 mins to explore your existing work and material with the intention to scan your personal brand for pit falls, create developments strategy and streamline your services.
Please come prepared with all of your existing digital content and your inspiration fully charged.

# 2

In this signature zoom session (approx 1 hour) we will submerge into the depth of your subconscious to find out what it is that your truly want to achieve through your personal brand, product and/or service. 
Personal brand creation is a very intimate and detailed process for which we will not only need to activate your logical and creative brain hemispheres but also ask our higher intelligence to align, guide us and comment on the process of your personal brand start up.
The content of this session will be recorded and used to write copy for your website and social media.
"From the heart of your brand to the heart of the audience."

# 3

Personal brand start up is our speciality.
This package covers the full spectrum of needs for your personal brand to flourish.
  • Brand orientation session
  • Look and feel + Logo
  • "Corpus callosum" session 
  • Website design, web building, image portfolio & copywriting
  • Instagram & Facebook: Post design, content calendar, 30 post mockup, copywriting, hashtags & scheduling

# 4

At Quantum Agency we believe in "less is more" design aesthetic. Minimal and precise information goes a long way.
In this package you can expect us to build:
  • Home page
  • Bio page
  • Service page 
  • Contact page
  • Blog page (optional)
  • Copy
  • SEO 

# 5

This package is offered to help you design, produce and launch your online product ie your webinar series, masterclass, e-book or magazine
  • Positioning
  • Language
  • Script writing
  • Module design
  • Digital packaging 
  • Mock ups
  • Launch
  • AD campaign design
  • Targeted AD for Instagram and Facebook
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# 6

If you're ready to launch your own video series this package is for you.
  • Conceptual development
  • Script for an 8 episode series
  • Find the production team you need
  • Video direction
  • Video post production
  • Covers for your videos
  • Youtube channel cover
  • Launch

# 7

Instagram has many features and the algorithm loves it when you use all of them.
  • Conceptual development
  • Content development 
  • Content design 30 posts and 60 stories 
  • Content calendar (Mock up) 
  • Edit run
  • Scheduling of posts
  • Copywriting 
  • Hashtags
  • ITGTV series (script, video direction, post production)
  • Instagram Lives: concept and scheduling

# 8

Keynote design, App presentation, Project design. 
Do you need an impressive business presentation? 
Then you're in the right place.
  • Up to 30 pages PDF 
  • Copy 
  • Images
  • Layout 

# 9

Are you applying for a new job?
Impress them with a personalized position pitch.
  • ​Up to 5 pages PDF
  • Your personalized biography
  • Stand out CV 
  • Unique design